Alexey Burdyko

Alexey Burdyko

Alexey Burdyko is a Belarusian journalist, businessman, and the CEO and founder of Pay2Live, a blockchain-based esports streaming platform which he conceptualized in 2017, along he is a member of the Advisory Board of Totum, a company developing a decentralized gaming blockchain.

He also founded 2 other esports companies including TechLabs in 2003, which is a forum featuring IT news along with one of the largest esports holdings in Russia and CIS – Game Show Media Holding that was valued by Ernst & Young at $37M. As a CEO of Game Show, Burdyko arranged 35 esports tournaments, 25 of which had an intercontinental outreach. and has also held the largest CIS International esports festivals like “Game Show” and “Techlabs Cup”, which took place in 3 countries: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

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The Use of Blockchain in the eSports Industry

As an industry, gaming and eSports can typically adopt new technologies far quicker than say financial or logistics industries – so aspects of blockchain technology can be expected …
By Alexey Burdyko
4 years ago 0