Amy Hsiao

Amy Hsiao

Amy Hsiao is a Trademark Attorney with Swanson & Bratschun, LLC. Amy focuses her practice on advising Western companies on trademark, copyright, and international business transactions in Asia. Amy has pursued cases through all levels of China’s system and had achieved over 100 opposition wins. She has worked with policy makers from the U.S. and Europe on trademark arbitrations, criminal counterfeit seizures, and product recalls. She often assumes the role of a business advisor because of her ability to articulate differences between Eastern and Western systems and to turn large volumes of raw data into meaningful, actionable branding strategies. Because of her wide array of IP experience, she was selected by China’s former Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Trademark Association as the only Western attorney to work on China’s landmark trademark cases. The subsequent book was published by Wolters Kluwer in May 2017 and has been described as: “the single indispensable source on China.”

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