Andy Mukherji

Andy Mukherji

Andy Mukherji is a patent attorney and associate at Michael Buck IP, an independent firm of patent and trademark attorneys, based in Brisbane, Australia. He is experienced in preparing patent applications in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, physics and general engineering.

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The Rise of Australia’s Small Boutique Patent and Trademark Firms

A recent study by IP blogger Mark Summerfield discussed the winners and losers as far as Australian patent filings are concerned, and there is a clear indication …
By Andy Mukherji
5 months ago 4

Feeling Conflicted: Australian Patent Attorney Firms Under Scrutiny

As previously reported on this blog, in the last two years several large Australian patent attorney firms (having a combined market share of close to 70% in Australia) …

Are Australia’s listed IP firms doomed to fail?

Over the last two years, the Australian patent and trade mark attorney profession has seen a number of significant changes. The 2013 amendments to the Patents Act 1990, meant …
By Andy Mukherji
4 years ago 0