Cecilia Agren

Kent Richardson

Cecilia Agren is a student at Chalmers University of Technology where she is pursuing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and business design, with a major in Corporate Entrepreneurship. Cecilia is currently an IP/Business analyst intern at Richardson Oliver Insights. She has a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management with a mechanics specialization. Cecilia also has worked at PARC, and Karmalicious AB, a company focused on increasing food industry profits and reducing food waste. She currently has a prototype developed with students at Rice University and NASA, now being tested in HSB Living Lab. You can contact Cecilia via email at cagren@roipatents.com.

Posts by Cecilia Agren

Brokered Patents are Not Junk—and the Reasons will Surprise You

Occasionally, we hear people say, “brokered patents are all junk.” This begs the question, “are operating companies and non-practicing entities (NPEs) spending hundreds of millions of dollars …