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Chetan Sharma is a Patent Analyst for TT Consultants, with over 5 years of experience of providing technical and analytical assessment support. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialties in Prior art searching, Patent Landscaping, Freedom to Operate searching and Patent Infringement Analysis. He has also conducted Search Projects and drafted patent applications in the domain of liquid distillation systems, glass blown techniques, liquid Cooling systems, thermodynamics, automobile systems, gear fabrication, oil drilling, gas purification systems, hydraulic mechanism, alternative energy production devices, drilling mechanisms, oceanic energy converters, wind turbines, gas turbines, business methods, 3D printing, vehicle braking systems, chemical compositions and general electronic technology.

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Why “Invent in India” would be a better message than “Make in India”

Make in India suggests that India is not empowering the nation to invent more or further but only to serve as a third wheel for other technological …
By Vinay Sharma & Chetan Sharma
2 years ago 9