Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma is the head of R&D for XLPAT. With a background in technology research and consulting he joined (AI based IP research tool) for developing machine learning and NLP based systems for patent portfolio assessment. He has developed frameworks in semantic search models using NLP and AI algorithms. He has been part of International Conferences in Japan and works closely with many national/international academic institutions to implement technology platforms to expedite innovations

Posts by Chetan Sharma

IP Commercialization Is the Key Measure for Patent Quality Assessment

With exponential growth in patent filings each year and expanding company portfolios, Patent Quality Assessment (PQA) has become a significant and crucial task. USPTO maintenance fees, which …
By Chetan Sharma
2 years ago 8

Why “Invent in India” would be a better message than “Make in India”

Make in India suggests that India is not empowering the nation to invent more or further but only to serve as a third wheel for other technological …
By Vinay Sharma & Chetan Sharma
5 years ago 9