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Daniel Shapiro

is Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Brand Relationships at Red Points. Daniel brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial leadership to Red Points. His keen knowledge in Intellectual Property comes from his experience in building and leading a Global Brand Protection team at a major marketplace platform. His customer centric background and leadership expertise creates the foundation for building long and prosperous partnerships.

Recent Articles by Daniel Shapiro

The Rush for Redskins Gear Underscores an Exponential Rise in Counterfeits

The Washington Football Team’s (formerly the Washington Redskins’) move to change its name and logo has sparked a flurry of fans looking to “cash in” as national retailers pull the team’s merchandise off their shelves. Fans everywhere are hoping to snatch up any remaining Redskins-branded memorabilia they think may be worth money someday, which in turn is putting them at risk of purchasing knockoff items. Advancements in technology have made it harder to discern between what’s fake and what’s authentic, and the rush to find Redskins gear may make things worse as fans make snap-purchasing decisions and accidentally buy a knockoff item.