Devlin Hartline

Devlin Hartline

Devlin Hartline is an Assistant Director at the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP) at George Mason University School of Law. He leads CPIP’s communications and academic advocacy efforts, working closely with CPIP scholars to publicize and promote rigorous, data-driven research on the law, economics, and history of intellectual property. He maintains a personal intellectual property law blog at and can be followed on Twitter (@devlinhartline).

Posts by Devlin Hartline

Capitol Records v. Vimeo: Courts Should Stop Coddling Bad Actors in Copyright Cases

Just how much knowledge about piracy on its system does an online service provider need before it loses its safe harbor protection, which severely limits its potential …
By Devlin Hartline
5 years ago 1

Copyright Policy Should Be Based On Facts, Not Rhetoric

After nearly twenty years with the DMCA, the Copyright Office has launched a new study to examine the impact and effectiveness of this system, and voices on …

Federal Circuit Should Reconsider Ariosa v. Sequenom: The Panel Decision Threatens Modern Innovation

As the amici correctly argue, the panel’s decision striking down Sequenom’s noninvasive prenatal test strikes at the very heart of the patent system. Revolutionary diagnostic …
By Devlin Hartline
6 years ago 2