Emily Hayes

Katherine Green

Emily Hayes handles patent work at Mewburn Ellis in the life sciences field with a focus on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Her expertise extends to: protein, nucleic acid and antibody-based therapeutics and diagnostics; genomics and post-genomics research; gene manipulation; microbiology; vaccines; diagnostic and prognostic markers. Her practice focuses on drafting and prosecuting patent applications in these and related fields, as well as handling oppositions and appeals at the EPO. She also has a special interest in US patent law, having spent time on a secondment to a US firm in 2010.

Posts by Emily Hayes

Patentees Need to Act Fast as the EPO Opposition Timeline Tightens

In early 2019, we undertook a comprehensive research project to develop a forensic understanding of European Patent Office (EPO) oppositions, particularly in the life sciences sector, analyzing EPO …