Franco Galbo

Franco Galbo

Franco Galbo is a graduate of Niagara University where he earned a dual degree in history and political science. After graduation, Franco attended the Sherwin B. Nuland Yale Bioethics program, where he researched various topics, including how intellectual property affects global access to medicine, behavioral economics and the use of neuroscience in the courtroom. He has worked at defense and plaintiff law firms located in the Buffalo, New York area and as a legal analyst for a non-profit in Washington D.C., that advocated for the strengthening of prosecutorial ethics. Franco maintains a strong interest in ethics and intellectual property.

Posts by Franco Galbo

Tom Brady and a Ruling over Embedded Tweets Could Change the Internet and Online Publishing

Of all of the things NFL quarterback Tom Brady has been accused of ruining over the years, the internet is not necessarily at the top of the …
By Franco Galbo
8 months ago 0

How Do Musical Artists Get Paid When Skaters Use Their Songs at the Olympics?

The somewhat jarring Olympics tradition of juxtaposing athleticism and grace with instrumental versions of popular songs you might hear in the grocery store came to an end …
By Franco Galbo
9 months ago 1

A New Breed of Anti-Terrorism Security: Meet the Patented Pups Supporting the NYPD’s Anti-Terrorism

On the ground, the New York Police Department (NYPD) deployed a team of 14 Labrador retrievers trained to detect explosives worn on the bodies of people in the …
By Franco Galbo
11 months ago 3

Making Sense of the Nonsensical: A look at Scent Trademarks and their Complexities

Hasbro’s recent application to trademark the scent of Play-Doh is an example of how companies in the digital age market their products and protect their market …
By Franco Galbo
12 months ago 1

Law & Odor: Hasbro Sniffing Out the Opportunities for Trademark Registration

The Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) provides some guidance on what an aroma needs to demonstrate before being registered, asserting that “the amount of evidence required …
By Franco Galbo
1 year ago 1

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