James Bennin

Eli Mazour

James Bennin is an IP attorney with Caterpillar. Prior to joining Caterpillar in March 2016, James was an associate with Harrity & Harrity LLP in Fairfax, Virginia. While in private practice his practice focuses on Intellectual Property matters, including the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.

Posts by James Bennin

Alice on Dulany Street: How the PTAB handles 101 in ex parte appeals

In many of the decisions, the examiners and appellants had an opportunity to make arguments based on Alice before the PTAB reached a decision. Yet, the outlook …
By Eli Mazour & James Bennin
5 years ago 3

PTAB Wonderland: Statistics show Alice PTAB interpretation not favorable to patent applicants

The United States Supreme Court is commonly known to resolve difficult issues of law. Yet, Alice v. CLS Bank[ii], last year’s unanimous Supreme Court decision, …
By Eli Mazour & James Bennin
6 years ago 7