Jeff O’Neill

Jeff O’Neill

Jeff O’Neill is the founder of Patent Bots, a company that provides tools for patent attorneys, such as automated patent proofreading and patent examiner statistics. Jeff is also a practicing patent attorney at GTC Law Group, where he assists startups with technology relating to speech recognition and machine learning. Previously, Jeff was in-house patent counsel for Amazon, an associate for Boston law firm Wolf Greenfield, and a clerk for the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Posts by Jeff O’Neill

Errors in Issued Patents as a Measure of Patent Quality

Companies spend considerable sums of money to develop patent portfolios that protect their valuable innovations. Given the large stakes, it behooves companies to obtain high quality patents. …
By Jeff O’Neill
5 months ago 3

Winning Strategies for Getting Past the Five Types of Patent Examiner

Any patent attorney knows that each patent examiner can vary greatly in approach to examination. In this article, five different types of patent examiners and suggest prosecution …
By Jeff O’Neill
3 years ago 20

Visualizing Outcome Inconsistency at the USPTO

In an ideal world, your chance of getting a patent allowed is based on the merits of your patent application and independent of the largely random assignment …
By Jeff O’Neill
3 years ago 16

Predicting Future Patent Outcomes

In this article, I compute a “three-year grant rate” that shows the probability of obtaining a granted patent within three years of the first office action. This …
By Jeff O’Neill
3 years ago 15