John White

John White

John White is a Director at Soryn IP, a patent advisory and finance firm that, among a host of patent-centric offerings, assists parties in identifying and acquiring patent portfolios that satisfy strategic and business needs. Mr. White is also a US patent attorney and a principal lecturer/author of the PLI Patent Bar Review Course. Since John began teaching patent bar review courses in 1995, he has personally taught nearly 50% of all practicing patent attorneys and patent agents how to successfully become admitted to the Patent Bar. has also taught numerous US Patent Examiners at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in the “Law and Evidence Course” necessary for them to advance to Partial Negotiation authority as Examiners. John serves as an expert witness in litigations and is regarded as a leading authority on patent practice and procedure. For more information please see his profile page.

Posts by John White

The Criticality of Patents to Innovation: The Short Story of Expanse Bioinformatics

The patent system is, has been, and will remain a vital engine of economic motivation and growth if preserved intact. At the moment, that preservation is at …
By John White
5 years ago 5

For Whom the Bell Tolls: The US Patent System

An infringer can drag you through endless PTO rounds of attack, if necessary (taking into account the current stats, 1 round is likely enough!), and now the Judge …
By John White
5 years ago 37

The “Useful Arts” in the Modern Era: For SCOTUS on CLS Bank

Many, many, many patents have issued to cover the physical elements and intuitive steps to make this familiar sequence possible and increasingly reliable and refined. Mechanical elements, …
By John White
5 years ago 2

What is a Computer?

A computer is, at a fundamental level, simply a clump of electrical switches each of which are in either an on or an off position. Whether and …
By John White
5 years ago 72

Help for the Supreme Court in CLS Bank

my iPhone can be a bell that you physically shake and it goes “ding” like a hotel desk bell; or it can be a carpenter’s level …
By John White
5 years ago 6

Is it too late on Patent Reform?

Now, we’re about to toss it out in favor of a “first to file” bent with post grant challenges and derivation proceedings? Say what…….why? What …
By John White
7 years ago 17

My Advice to Google – Keep Acquiring Patents

Most patents are obtained simply on the “refrigeration theory” as I call it. Just like if you are in food service you won’t get far without …
By John White
7 years ago 1

An Interview with Sharon Barner, Former PTO Deputy Director

While at the USPTO Barner commuted back to Chicago on weekends to visit her family, choosing not to uproot her children from their schools. Since leaving the …
By John White
8 years ago 1

The PTO Paradox: A Gatekeeper Mired in the Past

I believe it is time for the PTO to jump aboard the ship of the future and use document and data search techniques now being employed in …
By John White
8 years ago 15

Intellectual Ventures: Independence Day Take II

Just like in the story-line of Independence Day, where the alien death ships slowly but surely positioned themselves over each major city, with the eventual outcome well …
By John White
8 years ago 89

A Bird’s Eye View of the Bilski Oral Argument

Unlike Gene I did not really plan very well. I did not have credentials and am not (yet) a member of the Court. So, I was in …
By John White
9 years ago 39

Mea Culpa, Patent Reform and Other Issues

I confess, it was me who fed Gene Quinn the erroneous info about Steve Kunin heading back the US PTO. I made an erroneous assumption when, in …
By John White
10 years ago 0