John Harris

John Harris

John Harris specializes in language services and has over 25 years’ experience working with global enterprises and leading language service providers to lower costs and streamline business services. In 2018, he joined Morningside, one of the world's largest IP service and language solutions companies, as European Director of IP Business Development. John has helped numerous companies lower their foreign filing costs and streamline their formalities processes to help reduce the administrative burden of multinational filing. John received a BSc in Design Technology from Brunel University and an MBA from The Open University.

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Applying for a Patent in South Korea

s one of the world’s most vibrant markets, the number of patents granted in South Korea by the Korean Industrial Property Office (KIPO) has been steadily …
By John Harris & Jongseop Yun
12 months ago 0

Applying for a Patent in Germany

This year, Germany shot to the top of Bloomberg’s rankings for the most innovative nation worldwide, breaking South Korea’s six-year winning streak. Germany is a …