Kara R. Fussner

Kara R. Fussner

Kara R. Fussner is a Principal with Harness Dickey. She has been litigating complex civil disputes for more than 17 years. She was part of the litigation team that defended Octane (District Court to United States Supreme Court), and vindicated CDM Fantasy Sports’ rights to offer fantasy sports games, and she has helped countless other clients attain favorable results in their intellectual property disputes.

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Discretion Beats Out Bright Line Test for Enhanced Patent Damages: Halo v. Pulse

In last week’s Halo Elecs. v. Pulse Elecs. decision, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the Federal Circuit’s Seagate standard for awarding enhanced damages in patent …
By Kara R. Fussner
5 years ago 2

Patent Fee Shifting Stops Not Only Patent Trolls But Industry Bullies Too

What may be less well known is that Octane was not itself a “patent troll” case. Rather, Octane involved another kind of abusive patent litigation; namely, a …