Lillian Safran Shaked

Lillian Safran Shaked

Lillian Safran Shaked is Founding Partner of Shaked & Co. Law Offices in Tel Aviv. She works with a variety of U.S. businesses on patent licensing and technology transactions, as well as with companies in Israel and Europe. Prior to founding Shaked & Co. she was a partner at in the high-tech department of GKH, a large Israeli law firm. Lillian was raised in Ottawa, Canada.

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Partner-up: Risk-sharing provides patent holders better monetization opportunities

Lenders and investors like Gerchen Keller and Fortress, among others, have provided capital to or are partnering with private and public NPEs. These business are well suited …
By Lillian Safran Shaked
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Covenant Not to Challenge in a Patent License Does Not Bar a PTAB Review

Covenant Not to Challenge clauses are common in patent licenses, including licenses that are part of post-litigation settlements. clause is seen as a benefit bargained for under …