Marco Alemán

Marco Alemán

Marco Alemán has been dedicated to the protection and development of intellectual property for over 30 years. He is a dedicated expert and scholar, who is committed to understanding the changing IP climate, and has extensive experience in multilateral negotiations. Marco has assisted countries in different regions throughout the world in drafting their IP laws and policies, and he is a dedicated WIPO international civil servant helping to solve global and national issues.

Mr. Aleman has extensive knowledge and experience in intellectual property, including over 20 years of professional work at expert and managerial levels at WIPO, where he currently holds the post of Director of the Patent Law Division. After acting as Director of the Colombian Industrial Property Office, he started his career in 1999 at WIPO as Principal Administrator of Cooperation Programs for the Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, then as Deputy Director of the Division Public Policy and Development, later as Deputy Director of the Patent Law Division, and currently as Director of the Patent Law Division.

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By Marco Alemán
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