Mark Mathison

Kate Gaudry

Mark Mathison is a partner at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP in the firm’s Walnut Creek, California office, where he practices patent law and licensing. He specializes in electromechanical systems, medical devices, and software. He has presented on the practical, real-world manipulation of PCT mechanics, divided infringement, building IP for Silicon Valley startups, and Alice. Mr. Mathison earned his J.D. from UCLA, Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from the Univ. of Washington, and B.S. in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College. He is admitted to practice in California, Washington State, and before the USPTO. For more information or to contact Mr. Mathison please visit his firm profile page.

Posts by Mark Mathison

Thought Experiment: Is Our Patent System Ready for a Potential Future of Brain Interfacing?

Currently, brain recording and/or brain stimulation is used almost entirely for medical or research purposes. Invasive surgery is generally required to read neural signals with high …
By Kate Gaudry & Mark Mathison
1 year ago 1

Polling the Bar: An Unscientific Survey of Our Colleagues on Alice

Earlier this month, attorneys and patent practitioners from all over the nation, and far corners of the globe, descended upon Bethesda, Maryland for the 31st Annual Intellectual …
By Mark Mathison
6 years ago 3