Michael Bernet

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Michael Bernet is an attorney with Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror Weber LLP. He handles complex intellectual property and general civil litigation matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. He also frequently performs transactional work and non-litigation focused services for clients across a wide range of industries.

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Posts by Michael Bernet

From TikTok to Instagram: How to Legally Live Stream

Every day, DJs, athletes, entertainers and influencers broadcast live on Instagram, YouTube and other similar channels. Whether you are a professional entertainer or just connecting with friends …

Can You Trademark a Color?

Yes, under certain circumstances you can trademark a color... Examples of protectable color marks include: red soles for women’s high-heel dress shoes, where the rest of …
By Michael Bernet
3 years ago 3

Ban on ‘Immoral” and ‘Scandalous’ Trademarks Ruled Unconstitutional

After Tam was decided without expressly finding Section 2(a) unconstitutional in its entirety, the Federal Circuit requested additional briefing on the impact of Tam to Brunetti. The …
By Michael Bernet
4 years ago 0