Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher has been at the forefront of leading the development of disruptive technologies, mobile, internet, and multimedia innovations for more than 20 years. Michelle Fisher is founder/CEO of Blaze Mobile. She is the company’s key innovator, responsible for setting strategic direction and overseeing the company’s rapid growth and leadership in mobile payments for retail, transit, and health care. Michelle is the author of scores of patents in mobile payments that covers the gamut from NFC payments, NFC sticker, mobile ticketing, mobile wallet, location based advertising, mobile health care, and more.

Prior to Blaze Mobile, Michelle led the development of over a dozen new commercial internet and mobile products at Microsoft taking them from conception to launch including the Microsoft Online Network in Europe generating over $16 Million in revenue, the Microsoft-BET interactive services, and Microsoft consumer and business wireless services just to name a few . Michelle also worked at AT&T where she envisioned and led the product development of Media Park, a forward reaching broadband service which connected creative professionals in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and New York to digital content libraries, 5 gigabytes of storage, rendering before many had even heard of the internet.

Michelle has a Master’s Degree from Stanford University and a Bachelors of Science in Engineering degree from U.C. Berkeley. She enjoys travel, music, and spending time with family and friends.

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