N. Scott Pierce

N. Scott Pierce

N. Scott Pierce is a partner at Foley Hoag LLP in Boston. His most recent article is Double Jeopardy: Patents of Invention as Contracts, Invention Disclosure as Consideration, and Where Oil States Went Wrong, 30 FORDHAM INTELL. PROP. & ENT. L.J. 645 (2020).

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AAM v. Neapco Comes Full Circle: The Foundation of Invention Becomes its Trap (Part II)

In Part I of this article, we briefly summarized how O’Reilly v. Morse was relied upon in the denial for rehearing in the recent case of …
By N. Scott Pierce
2 months ago 3

Morse Code: Is There a Message Behind the Federal Circuit Split in American Axle v. Neapco? (Part I of II)

It may seem surprising that the patent eligibility of making an axle for a motor vehicle could be so divisive among judges of a court tasked by …
By N. Scott Pierce
2 months ago 9

Patent Eligibility of Diagnostic Tools: Utility as the Key to Unlocking Section 101

A petition for certiorari was filed on October 1 in the case of Athena Diagnostics v. Mayo Collaborative Services asking the question: "Whether a new and specific method …
By N. Scott Pierce
1 year ago 26