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As you have probably guessed, Sue D. Nym is not a real person. Occasionally we receive an article and the author wishes to remain anonymous. All such anonymous posts, whether contributed by a man or a woman, are attributed to Ms. Nym.

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Review of USPTO should start at the top, not with examiners

In an article published on April 23, 2017, Gene Quinn wrote about President Trump’s workforce reduction plan and his proposal for what it should mean for the United …
By Sue D. Nym
4 years ago 8

Australia Releases Guidelines on Patentability of Genetic Material – Now That’s How It’s Done

The Australian Patent Office yesterday released its new guidelines in response to Australia’s High Court decision on the patentability of genetic material. The good news for …
By Sue D. Nym
6 years ago 1

Thoughts on Ex parte Boyden

A couple months ago I commented on Ex parte Khvorova, expressing disappointment in its analysis and concern over what this might mean since it is “the first …
By Sue D. Nym
6 years ago 2

Ariosa is a Good Example of Outcome-Driven § 101 Decisions

The first and most critical task in most eligibility analysis is carefully and precisely defining the subject matter of the claims as well as the natural phenomenon …
By Sue D. Nym
6 years ago 34

Thoughts on Ex parte Khvorova

Ex parte Khvorova is the first PTAB decision on patent eligibility in the life sciences. Until now, the PTAB has been remarkably silent on eligibility in life …
By Sue D. Nym
6 years ago 9

What Happened to Judge Lourie in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp?

The first thing that any student of the Federal Circuit likely notices when reading CLS Bank is that Judge Lourie not only joined the dominant concurrence, but …
By Sue D. Nym
8 years ago 109

In re Lovin: The Examiner’s Answer is Too Late To Make a Proper Rejection of Dependent Claims

Lovin has received exceptional attention in the patent law blogosphere. In short, Lovin permits an examiner to wait until an examiner’s answer to explain how and …
By Sue D. Nym
10 years ago 12

Having it Both Ways: the USPTO’s Inconsistent Positions in In re Lovin and Kappos v. Hyatt

Since 1993, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has pursued an “aggressive campaign” to free itself from oversight by and accountability to the courts. [1] At the same …
By Sue D. Nym
10 years ago 17

A Fanciful False Marking Fiction By a Cottage Industrialist

The day starts out quiet enough. I wake up and scoop my contacts out of the Clear Care® contact lens solution they’re swimming in. Blinking rapidly …
By Sue D. Nym
12 years ago 12