Raina Haque

Raina Haque

Raina Haque is the founder and lead patent attorney of Erdos Intellectual Property Law + Startup Legal. She is a former software engineer with a focus on parallel computing and artificial intelligence applications in fields ranging from bioinformatics to fintech. She advises authors, inventors, startups, and small to midsize businesses. She is among the first few attorneys to work with blockchain and crypto ventures. Her firm is leading the North Carolina Bar Association's efforts to guide attorneys through the crypto venture and blockchain space. Currently, she also teaches a course on legal innovation at Wake Forest School of Law.

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Posts by Raina Haque

The SEC Defines Blockchain, But Did They Get it Right?

The SEC has landed on a definition which includes both permissioned distributed ledgers and permissionless distributed ledgers in the term “blockchain.” This is not surprising, nor is …
By Raina Haque
4 years ago 2

Five Considerations when Pursuing Patent Rights in the Blockchain Technology Space

A blockchain is a subtype of distributed ledger data structure, in which transactions are grouped into “blocks” that reference each other in cryptographic hashes. Technologies are developing …
By Raina Haque
4 years ago 21

Breaking through the culture of Examiner v. Applicant at the USPTO

Somehow a culture of Examiner v. Applicant has evolved. There doesn't seem to be much in examiner training to pit them against external stakeholders. No evidence there …
By Raina Haque
5 years ago 26

Message from the USPTO: It’s Patent Prosecution, not Persecution

Examiners are not supposed to think about the nebulous areas of 101, 102, or 103, nor are they to interpret case law from judicial opinions. Instead, the USPTO has already …
By Raina Haque
5 years ago 80