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Robert J. Rando is the founder and lead counsel of The Rando Law Firm P.C. Mr. Rando is a Fellow of the Academy of Court-Appointed Masters and, since 2004, has enjoyed the privilege and honor of judicial appointment as a Special Master in numerous cases involving complex patent law issues. He is a published author and frequent lecturer at law schools and CLE programs on patent law and other IP and constitutional law issues. He is the current Treasurer for the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA) and a member of the NYIPLA Amicus and Legislative Action Committees. He is also the current Chair of the Federal Bar Association (FBA) Intellectual Property Law Section and serves on the FBA National Government Relations Committee.

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Is the Government a ‘Person’? NYIPLA tells SCOTUS it depends

After reviewing the way the term "person" is used throughout the statute it is clear that in some provisions of the Patent Act, the term necessarily should …

NYIPLA Files Amicus Brief Advocating for the Supreme Court to Clarify Article III Standing in Appeal from IPR Proceedings

On Friday, July 20, 2018, the New York Intellectual Property Association (“NYIPLA”) filed an amicus brief arguing that the Petition for Writ of Certiorari should be granted in RPX …

America’s Need For Strong Intellectual Property Protection

It is also important to recognize that the social, political and economic impact of strong protections for intellectual property cannot be overstated. In the social context, the …
By Robert J. Rando
5 years ago 6

NYIPLA Urges SCOTUS to Clarify Constitutionality of PTAB Proceedings in MCM Portfolio LLC v. Hewlett-Packard Co.

This case presents an important constitutional question which the court below decided based on an incomplete analysis of the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence. In the case below, …