Robert Reading

Robert Reading

Robert Reading is Director of Custom & Managed Solutions at CompuMark in London. Originally from Australia, he studied mathematics and physics at the University of Sydney and was national product manager for a scientific/medical equipment supplier for seven years before moving to the UK in 1999 and discovering the hidden world of trademarks. Robert worked for a leading UK IP firm for 15 years, managing large IP projects and as part of the team that built and maintained the inhouse trademark record management system.

Robert joined Compumark in 2015 and manages a team based in the US and Europe that delivers bespoke trademark related services to clients, with particular emphasis on record validation, gap/protection analysis, and global search and portfolio management projects.

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Research Shows Rapid Growth in Chinese Trademarks

China has the largest domestic trademark register in the world. In 2017, over 5.2 million applications were filed, a figure which makes it around 10 times the size of the …
By Robert Reading
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