Scott Moskowitz

Scott Moskowitz

Scott Moskowitz is founder and managing director of Blue Spike LLC. The idea for Blue Spike came about while still an undergraduate & later experience at Sony Corporation in Japan, the first undergraduate honored to work in an active business strategy group within Sony Corporation. Mr. Moskowitz invented a large number of approaches to protect media content such as music, video, software & images. Several inventions are "pioneer patents" & created new industries & lucrative, high-paying jobs. Mr. Moskowitz also invented "ASLR" to increase software & device security. Work in signal analysis included robust summaries of signals - "signal abstracts" - for content recognition & monitoring as well as "packet watermarks" for identifying & securing streams of data, or packet flow, deep packet inspection, differential quality of service ("diffQoS"), intrusion detection, prevention of denial of service attacks, differential quality of experience ("diffQoE") & "trusted transactions" for enabling, at least, "dynamic authentication".

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