Thomas Dunlap

Thomas Dunlap

Thomas Dunlap is a Partner with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. His practice focuses on patent, trademark, trade secret, commercial, entertainment law, business and government contracts disputes, litigation and transactions. Tom has authored numerous books and appeared on national television and radio including Fox, Sundance TV, and NPR speaking a variety of subjects in his fields of practice. In addition to the state and Federal courts of DC, VA, and MD, he is a member of the Federal Courts in Puerto Rico, Colorado, and Texas, as well as the Court of Federal Claims, the Federal Circuit, the Veteran’s Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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EDTX says leased retail space can be a regular and established place of business for patent venue

The recent Tinnus opinion further defines the meaning of “regular and established place of business.” See Tinnus Enters. v. Telebrands Corp., Case No. 6:17-CV-00170-RWS (E.D. …
By Thomas Dunlap
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