Wayne Stacy

Jason German

Wayne Stacy is a partner in Baker Botts's Intellectual Property group with twenty years of experience litigating high stakes patent and trade secret cases. He is skilled in competitor-against-competitor cases where injunctions and large damages are at issue. He has tried cases in leading patent jurisdictions such as the Northern District of California and the Eastern District of Texas, and has represented clients before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

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Posts by Wayne Stacy

Prepare for More Estoppel if the Supreme Court Reverses Federal Circuit on Partial IPR Institutions

Partial institutions lessen the value of estoppel because the petitioner avoids estoppel on claims that were challenged but not instituted. The PTAB never issues a final written …
By Jason German & Wayne Stacy
4 years ago 1

Supreme Court decision in Life Technologies v. Promega does not relieve manufacturers from the risk

The facts of the underlying case were incredibly simplistic and not representative of a typical patent infringement case involving complex technologies. The parties agreed that the exported …
By Wayne Stacy & Elise Edlin
5 years ago 0