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Pyramid Scheme

Informal Drawings is a comic strip devoted to patent attorneys, examiners, and inventors. New comics are published weekly.

Prints and coffee mugs may be purchased at patentspace.net/informal-drawings.

The Author

Peter Sleman

Peter Sleman is a patent attorney and co-founding partner of Wei & Sleman LLP. His practice focuses on patent prosecution, opinions and due diligence spanning a variety of technologies ranging from mechanical devices to electronic hardware and software. His specialty is medical devices. In addition to working with large medical device manufacturers, Peter has supported many physician entrepreneurs and startups. He is the author of The Physician Inventor: The Doctor's Handbook to Patenting Medical Devices and Methods, available on Amazon. As a creative outlet, Peter publishes Informal Drawings, a comic strip devoted to intellectual property.

For more information, please visit www.patentspace.net/peter-d-sleman.

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  1. Paul Cole September 15, 2020 11:13 am

    I am a great enthusiast for remarks or comments which combine humor and instruction, the humor helping the instructive message to stick in the mind. For example my Viagra criterion: is the claimed subject-matter strong enough not just to pass through the Patent Office but also to stand up in court? The Pyramid Scheme is of this type, and the claim is uncomfortably close to many that have come before the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court including the representative method claim 33 of US 5970479 in Alice which does not contain the slightest mention of computers or other technology and could equally be performed by clerks with daily legers in different banks.

    Keep up the instructive and amusing work.

  2. Pro Say September 15, 2020 11:46 am

    Easy now Peter. You don’t want to be giving SCOTUS or the CAFC any new ineligibility ideas …

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