Invention Marketing

Thank you for visiting our invention marketing page. Our goal is to provide inventors with reliable information that they can use themselves in an effort to commercialize their inventions.

In my experience the reason most people do not succeed is because they just don’t know what to do, not because they are lazy or unmotivated. My hope is that this page will become a resource to educate inventors and help take some of the mystery out of the steps associated with turning an invention into a profitable endeavor.

Before you consider contacting anyone probably the best first place to start is with a simple question, which will help you chart the right course. Ask yourself: What you want to do with your invention? Do you want to make and sell your invention? Or, do you want to sell your invention rights to an individual or company who would make and sell your invention? Or, do you want to try and license one or more individuals or companies to make and sell your invention? After you make this determination your strategy should come into focus. To help you along with making this decision I strongly recommend you read: To License or To Manufacture – That is the Question and Discussing Startups & Entrepreneurship with Author Stephen Key.

Now, for the first lesson is to realize that there are no tricks to invention marketing. It just takes work. Of course, you need to first determine what it is that you want to accomplish with your invention, which should be covered in some form of patent pending prior to beginning commercialization efforts. But once you have determined which path to follow you just need to focus your efforts and attention to identifying opportunities, pursuing them and not taking no for an answer. Certainly, there may be a time that you will have to retreat and move on, but those who succeed by and large share the same quality of determination. Determination is critical.


While you can certainly find individuals and companies that offer to do the work for you, you this typically comes with a cost. Hiring someone, such as an attorney or licensing specialist to engage in invention marketing activities can get quite expensive unless they work on percentage basis, also known as a contingency. It is very difficult to find reputable people who will work on a percentage basis. One company that does offer licensing services on a contingency basis is Lambert & Lambert. Another company to consider is Enhance Product Development. Enhance offers services for a fee with respect to design and engineering assistance, but they also provide licensing consultations on a contingency in at least some situations. You can and should consider making an inquiry with both companies.

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