IPWatchdog LIVE: September 12-14, 2021

Be prepared for thought provoking content with top leaders from across all sectors of our industry. IPWatchdog LIVE is curated to provide top content from key influencers willing to engage on important topics and discuss tough issues.

What Makes IPWatchdog LIVE Different?

IPWatchdog CON2021: September 12-15, 2021, Dallas, TX https://depositphotos.com/51349667/stock-illustration-dallas-city-skyline-color-circle.htmlThere are many excellent conferences to choose from, but our first live event post pandemic IPWatchdog LIVE is truly one of a kind. Traditionally, there are separate conferences for intellectual property attorneys; for dealmakers and those on the monetization side of the business; for inventors; for technology transfer specialists who work at universities; and policy conferences that bring together political leaders and insiders. But there is not a single conference that brings all of these different segments within our industry together in one place at one time. IPWatchdog LIVE will bring together the entire industry for smart, thought provoking content from top leaders from across all sectors.

IPWatchdog.com has always strived to be a place where everyone in the industry can find something useful, interesting, educational, and even entertaining. And that is what IPWatchdog LIVE brings. It we bring together the disparate elements of our readership and industry—from politicos, to business executives, to attorneys, academics and inventors. This is the All Industry Conference.

Speakers, Moderators and Panels

While you choose to attend conferences for networking — and we will have plenty of networking opportunities — we fundamentally believe there is no reason content should suffer. Our philosophy has always been that “content is King”, and that shows clearly in all our events, and particularly in IPWatchdog LIVE.

There are a variety of reasons content at some programs is lacking. While we will be seeking sponsors for IPWatchdog LIVE, we will not engage in pay-to-play, period. Speakers, panelists, moderators and topics are curated by IPWatchdog.com Founder Gene Quinn in close consultation with our Editor-in-Chief, Eileen McDermott, and long-time IPWatchdog advisors. Should invited speakers, panelists and/or moderators wish to sponsor the Conference, we will be most grateful, but content and speaker quality will be closely curated to ensure an exceptional program.

Our belief is that by delivering an exceptional program of unmatched quality we will bring together approximately 100 A+ level speakers, which will be a draw for those seeking to network. Our game plan is simple and has and always will begin with high quality content.

Save the Date! See You in Dallas!

IPWatchdog CON2021 will be held at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson from September 12 to 14, 2021. If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with us on this Conference, please contact us. Super Early Tickets will be available beginning in Spring 2021. Stay tuned!


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