The IPWatchdog Institute has been continuously online since 1999. In that time we have grown to become a reliable and trusted resource for news and information on patents and innovation law, policy and legislation. We are now proud to begin offering courses, seminars, and training. Welcome to the IPWatchdog Institute.

In addition to our highly successful free weekly webinar series,  we continue to expand our offerings, both online and in the real world.  IPWatchdog now offers live courses, seminars and events.

If your company, firm or organization has training needs or would like educational or informational presentations for corporate events, board meetings, retreats, or simply to educate your workforce, please CONTACT US and we will be happy to design a program or presentation that meets your needs.

Patent Masters™ Symposium

In-depth, off the record conversations with top industry thought leaders!

Faculty for this event will include: Chief Judge Paul Michel (ret.), Bob StollPhil JohnsonGene Quinn and other to be announced.

This high-level symposium is designed for attorneys and professionals interested in an in-depth exploration of topical legal issues facing the U.S. patent system. Discussions will be lead by some of the top thought leaders in the industry and will cover what is happening in the Courts, on Capitol Hill, and at the USPTO.

Join us on September 10-11, 2019, in Arlington, VA, for an interactive discussion in a boardroom setting. Enrollment will be limited in order to encourage dialogue and to ensure a meaningful opportunity for participation.  Price: $1,195 (Early Registration Pricing Available)

CLICK HERE, for more information, or to register.

Patent Practice Training

Faculty: Gene Quinn and John White.

Increasingly firms are not providing training, and many firms are not even hiring unless practitioners have experience.  This is why we have designed this course on Patent Practice Training for Beginners, which will provide all the tools necessary to hit the ground running.

This course will be offered via a live interactive distance learning model, and will cover everything a practitioner may need to do up to and including filing a Notice of Appeal at the USPTO. From interacting with clients to agreements, to handling money, to drafting applications and responding to Office Actions, this course covers it all.  Price: $1,995

CLICK HERE, for more information, to view the upcoming course schedule or to register.

Coming in 2019…  Patent Claim Drafting

Faculty: Gene Quinn and John White.

A patent claim defines the scope of the right to exclude granted by the government in a patent and, therefore, defines the patented invention. Patent claims are an essential part of every patent application, and mastery of the art of patent claim drafting is a necessity for patent practitioners. With this in mind, this course will focus exclusively on drafting patent claims that will be deemed acceptable by the USPTO.

This course will be offered via a live interactive distance learning model.  Familiarity with U.S. patent law is required. This course is ideal for those patent practitioners with less than two years of experience, or law students entering a clerkship or internship between their second and third year of law school.  Price: $995

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Cancelation Policy

Because space is extremely limited, cancellations will be subject to cancellation fees as follows:

  • Cancelations 6 weeks prior to the event will be subject to a 10% processing fee*
  • Cancelations 4 weeks prior to the event will be subject to a 20% processing fee*
  • Cancelations within the last 2 weeks prior to the event, no refund be will be given*

*In the event that we have a waiting list and can fill your spot immediately upon your cancellation, we will be happy to give you a full refund regardless of when you cancel.