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Monday, May 23, 2022

Panel #1 – The Never-Ending Fight Over What is Fair, Reasonable & Non-Discriminatory:

Panel #2 – The CAFC Vs. Texas: Mandamus and the Battle Over Venue:

Keynote #1 – Marc Booth, Chief IP Officer for Acacia Research Corporation:

Panel #3 – 337 Investigations: Leveraging & Strategy at the ITC:

Panel #4 – Winning Alice & Mayo at the District Courts and on Appeal:

Panel #5 – The Changing Face of Patent Litigation: Perspective from In-House:

Keynote #2 – Judge Ryan Holte:

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Panel #6 – IP Finance to Pursue Infringement & Predict Verdicts:

Panel #7 – Mega Verdicts in U.S. Patent Litigation: Willful Infringement, Exceptionality & PTAB Challenges:

Panel # 8 – Expert Witnesses: Choosing, Working With and Examining an Expert in a Patent Case:

Panel #9 – The Fintiv Saga:  What Is It, Where are we, and What is the Future: