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Comprehensive, Interactive Training with Individualized Feedback

You’ve passed the patent bar exam. Now what? Having a license to practice is just the beginning. What you need is a bridge between passing the patent bar and representing clients.

Increasingly firms are not providing training, and many firms are not even hiring unless practitioners have experience. That means new practitioners are often left to their own devices as they seek experience in the first few years after passing the patent bar examination.

This is why Gene Quinn and John White designed Patent Practice Training for Beginners. This course will provide all the tools necessary to hit the ground running. From interacting with clients to agreements, to handling money, to drafting applications and responding to Office Actions, this course covers it all.

Gene Quinn

John White

We will address everything you may need to do up to and including filing a Notice of Appeal at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including: obtaining clients, initial client intake, client agreements, handling money, opinion letters, patent searching, opinion letters, drafting patent applications, filing patent applications, responding to a restriction requirement, responding to a notice of omitted items, filing a general authorization, drafting and filing preliminary amendments, reporting office actions to a client, conducting examiner interviews, drafting and filing an amendments and responses, and options for keeping a case alive after a final rejection.

In addition to this course, each student will receive 6 months free access to The Invent + Patent System™, an online tool created by Gene Quinn to help draft patent specifications.

At the end of this, course students should have a strong grasp on the day to day basics of patent practice, and a catalog of examples and templates to draw upon for a variety of the most common and likely occurrences that real life will throw at a patent practitioner.

Familiarity with U.S. patent law and rules of practices is a prerequisite. This course is ideal for those patent practitioners with less than two years of experience, or law students entering a clerkship or internship between their second and third year of law school.

Course Materials

The Course Materials — all  1,000+ pages — will come in a book form and will be shipped directly to you.  Included in the cost of the course is standard shipping within the continental United States. For shipping outside the continental United States, or for faster delivery, additional shipping charges may apply. 

Upcoming Courses

2019 Schedule

January 23, 25 (W-F)
January 28, 30, February 1 (M-W-F)
February 4 (M)
7:00 PM to 10:30 PM EST


Payment Option

PayPal offers a 6 month, no interest payment option.  Please click the PayPal Credit image to learn more and apply.  Once you have set up your PayPal account, and have gotten PayPal Credit approval, please email and we will send you an invoice for the course of your choice via PayPal.


Testimonials from Former Students

“Gene and John have done for patent practice training what they have done for taking the patent bar exam: they break down the essentials; they provide on-point and clear materials; and they direct you through the meat and bones of patent practice. After taking the course, I now feel I can begin patent practice with the skills and confidence I need (and did not have) after passing the patent bar. The live format, I felt, was invaluable. Unlike static training videos, the live format engages you. Your questions are answered, and you work through the materials as if you were there in-person with them, getting expert advice. I cannot overstate how much more effective I found this format. The materials will be referenced  for many years, and I now look forward to taking these skills out to the greater world of patent practice.”

— Michael M., Colorado

“As a newly minted patent agent, this course is a must have! The course is packed with useful tips and strategies, not to mention an invaluable collection of templates, claim exercises and six months access to the Invent plus Patent software. This is the second course I have taken with John and Gene and simply put, they are the gold standard with respect to patent related education.”

— Chris Cappy, Registered Patent Agent, Reg. # 76204

“I thoroughly enjoy taking this on-line course which covers all areas of patent practicing. One thing impresses me is that the course was not a record, but a live format. Signing in through Go-to-meeting, I joined the video conference with Gene and John. I had their live videos presented on my screen which made me feel like they were sitting in a same classroom with me and talking to me so that I concentrated on the course better. Moreover, there was a Q&A section at the end of every class. Gene and John took the time to answer all participants’ questions that were both related to the course and the issues we met in our real work. Gene and John are not presenters, but true instructors. They are so engaging, have relevant stories to share, and have effective strategies from their extraordinary experiences. Over the duration of the course, I have gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that are helpful to my daily work. It is great to take this course and learn from Gene and John.”

— Claire, Toronto CA

“I had taken a patent bar course from Gene and John and I enjoyed it. This course was even better, combining patent law fundamentals with their years of practical prosecution experience.  I especially liked the abridged MPEP they made, which will be a huge time-saver, and the Q&A at the end of each day.”

—Craig L., San Jose

“The registration exam was tough, but launching into the IP world as a solo patent practitioner has been a real challenge.  The Patent Practice Course has really helped me with my business. Notably, I have been able to refine my approach to prior art searches, write better claims, use USPTO E-forms, and how to let people in my community know about me and the patent services I offer. Gene and John shared stories about securing patents, and working successfully with clients, and went on to assure us that we can do that too. I recommend the class.  It is well worth the time and tuition.”

—K in Texas


Cancelation Policy

Because space for our live courses is limited, cancellations will be subject to cancellation fees as follows:

  • Cancelations 6 weeks prior to the event will be subject to a 10% processing fee*
  • Cancelations 4 weeks prior to the event will be subject to a 20% processing fee*
  • Cancelations within the last 2 weeks prior to the event, no refund be will be given*

*In the event that we have a waiting list and can fill your spot immediately upon your cancellation, we will be happy to give you a full refund regardless of when you cancel.

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