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Arien Ferrell

Senior Patent Counsel & Assistant General Counsel, Intuit

Arien Ferrell is a patent and IP lawyer with over 15 years experience. Joining Intuit in 2005, Mr. Ferrell designed, implemented and currently leads Intuit’s patent and open source programs, as well as leading Intuit’s trademark and copyright functions. During his time at Intuit, Mr. Ferrell has additionally served as the lead attorney for Intuit’s CTO organization and Accounting/Professional Division. Notably, Mr. Ferrell was the lead attorney for the Quickbooks Financing product launch, Intuit’s first foray into the highly regulated world of small business financing. Prior to joining Intuit, Mr. Ferrell was a senior patent attorney and assistant general counsel at Sun Microsystems. During his time at Sun, Mr. Ferrell worked with SunCTO/SunLabs, Solaris, and Sun’s Gridware organizations as lead patent counsel. Notably, while serving on Sun’s open source team, Mr. Ferrell was the IP attorney member of the team that authored the “Common Development and Distribution License” (CDDL) open source license. Before his time at Sun, Mr. Ferrell was the lead attorney at OMM, a MEMS optical switching startup based in San Diego, where he started and managed the patent program. Prior to OMM, Mr. Ferrell worked as staff patent attorney at Michaelson & Wallace, a patent boutique, where he prepared and prosecuted patent applications.

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