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Bill Hector

is an Associate with Venable‘s Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group. Bill focuses his practice on complex patent litigation, patent prosecution, intellectual property licensing, and trademark prosecution. As a litigator, Bill’s experience spans all phases of patent litigation including pre-trial diligence, motion practice, discovery, claim construction, and trial. Bill has litigated patents related to a diverse set of technologies including telecommunications, networking hardware, business methods, and internet advertising. Bill also has substantial experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the software, electrical, and mechanical arts. He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as various foreign patent offices.

Recent Articles by Bill Hector

Northern District of California revises local patent rules, requires damages disclosures early and often

Damages discovery in patent cases is usually contentious, expensive, and non-uniform in application by the courts. The patent owner, on one hand, wants to discover all possible revenue streams for settlement and resource allocation. The accused infringer, on the other hand, wants to minimize disclosure, because of the sensitivity of financial information and the belief that the suit is meritless. And the courts are caught in the middle. Compounding these issues, fulsome damages contentions typically are not defined until expert reports are presented, meaning the parties (and the court through a Daubert motion) will not know whether there is sufficient basis for the damages sought until late in a case.