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Bill Tolson

is the Vice President of Marketing at Archive360, Inc. He has held leadership positions with multiple top-tier legal technology, archiving, and consulting services providers and has a strong interest in both eDiscovery and Information Governance from both a marketing as well as a customer perspective. Bill is also a prolific writer and posts regularly on two of his own blog sites; eDiscovery101.com and InformationGovernance101.com.

Recent Articles by Bill Tolson

Could an Email Stub Be the Downfall of Your Next Legal Case?

When responding to an eDiscovery request, you have likely experienced clients that have on premises email archives. The standard discovery process that the email archive vendors suggested you follow was no doubt to pull up the archive-wide search capability and perform a global search against the archive based on keywords. Once that results-set was available, you could perform some first pass culling and export the results set to external counsel or to a standalone eDiscovery platform for further processing. This procedure makes a great deal of sense… except for the overlooked fact that this process does not take into account the email stubs in the live email system.