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Brett Trout

is a registered patent attorney and nationally recognized speaker on Patent, Trademark and Internet legal issues. He is a member of the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers and President of the Blackstone Inn of Court. Brett is past President of the Iowa Intellectual Property Association and past Chair of the Iowa State Bar Association Technology Committee. Brett has authored several books including Cyberlaw, and is a co-author of Internet Law: The Complete Guide. For more information, or to contact Mr. Trout, please visit his firm website.

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Government is to blame for the skyrocketing price of EpiPens, not patents

The problem is that the government is standing in the way of these competitive autoinjectors getting into the hands of the patients who need them. For example, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has a competitive autoinjector. However, in March, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected Teva’s application to bring its competitive autoinjector to patients… While Mylan, like most large pharmaceutical manufacturers, has spent millions of dollars on lobbyists and political campaign contributions, there is no evidence of any illegal quid pro quo. Mylan is simply acting in the interests of its shareholders. It is the system itself, not Mylan, that is corrupt.