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Brian Gaffney

Assistant Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel of IP Litigation, AT&T

Brian Gaffney is the Assistant Vice President and Senior Legal Counsel of IP Litigation for AT&T, where his practice focuses on patent litigation and risk analysis for AT&T.  As a patent litigator, he has significant experience in all aspects of patent litigation, including pre-suit investigations, discovery, Markman proceedings, summary judgment proceedings, and trial. He also has courtroom experience and has represented both companies seeking to enforce their intellectual property rights and those accused of infringement.

As a registered patent attorney he has experience in patent portfolio development and management, patent licensing, and comprehensive IP counseling. He has counseled clients and prosecuted patent applications in a broad spectrum of technologies, including telecommunications, wireless systems, wireless devices, networking, electronics, software, optical systems, optical devices, Internet services, semiconductors, and semiconductor fabrication. I n addition, he has also analyzed patent portfolios for clients to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in their portfolios, and to identify patent assertion opportunities.

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