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Candace Lynn Bell

focuses her practice on intellectual property matters for United States-based companies and individuals, working with clients to develop and manage trademark and domain name portfolios of national and international brands as well as brand development, policing marks and portfolio and registration management in a broad range of industries including software, insurance, entertainment, food service, construction and retail. She has provided commentary and articles in a variety of publications, including Artisan Spirit Magazine and Breaking Ground Magazine.

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Protecting Creative Works After Fourth Estate v.

In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court finally unequivocally answered the question about whether copyright owners need to receive a Registration Certificate from the Copyright Office before filing suit for infringement and thus resolved a difference of opinion among various regional circuit courts. (Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., LLC. Since this decision was issued, federal district courts have cited it in at least 63 decisions. What should artists, writers, and businesses do now to protect their creative work? How should attorneys alter the standard advice they give their clients? Let’s start with a review of what the ruling actually says.