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Charles Neuenschwander

has more than 45 years’ business experience in the licensing, electronics and chemical industries. He has spent the past twenty-five years managing and supporting client patent license negotiations for International Patent Licensing Company, Patent Solutions (both of which he co-founded), Mahr Leonard Management Company and STMicroelectronics. Mr. Neuenschwander personally or through organizations he has led has completed more than 65 IP transactions. Mr. Neuenschwander directs and participates in developing licensing strategies, completing portfolio evaluations, documenting patent infringement incidents, calculating royalties, and successfully concluding license agreements for clients. He has clients and conducts negotiations in Asia, Europe and the United States. Mr. Neuenschwander has testified as a fact or expert witness before the International Trade Commission and in Federal Courts. His licensing focus is in the areas of telecommunications, information technologies, semiconductors, consumer electronics, the internet and software. An active member of the Licensing Executives Society, Mr. Neuenschwander accepts speaking engagements world-wide and participates in panel discussions both for the Licensing Executives Society (LES) and at continuing legal education seminars. From 2012 through 2016 he was named one of “The World’s Leading IP Strategists” by British-based Intellectual Asset Management (iam) Magazine. Mr. Neuenschwander is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP), has served on Boards of Directors for a company in the high-tech industry and for a hospice care company and he currently participates on the Board of Advisors for a high-tech company. He is a past US delegate to the international body of LES and has participated in the Hoover Institute’s study on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Prosperity.

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Does Patented Intellectual Property Still Matter? Yes, Depending on Who You Are

If Bill Hewlett and David Packard were just starting in their garage, they might be wise not to waste money acquiring them… An individual inventor, or SME, may defend patented inventions against unauthorized use – by everyone and anyone. However, it is disingenuous to say it is reasonable for them to do so, no matter what Congressional soundbites trumpet. The system is severely biased against these entities to the point of no longer serving them.