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Charles Schott

is the Managing Director & Senior Advisor of Charles Schott and Associates. He is a management and policy consultant and a Senior Advisor at the Center for Financial Stability, a public policy think tank based in New York City.  He has extensive experience in international investment and finance policy, as well as in matters involving international trade, telecommunications, technology, venture capital and business strategy. 

Mr. Schott served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade and Investment Policy at the U.S. Treasury during the George W. Bush Administration, where he was responsible for trade negotiations and for matters relating to international investment.  He also served as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company’s London office and as Head of Strategic Sales and Marketing at Intellectual Ventures in Seattle.

For more information or to contact Charles, please visit his Bio Page on the Center for Financial Stability website.

Recent Articles by Charles Schott

Invention and Patents: Phyllis Schlafly’s Legacy

In addition to these other areas of policy interest, however, Phyllis Schlafly had a strong and enduring interest in issues relating to invention, patents and other forms of intellectual property (including copyrights).  These intellectual property and innovation issues were very important to her and fundamentally underpinned her views on why America was a great, successful (and unique) country. The importance of the American system of invention and patents was a theme that she returned to again and again over the years.