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Cory Van Arsdale

is senior vice president of global licensing at Intellectual Ventures. He manages a team focused on large, complex transactions with major industry licensees and leads the development and execution of select cross-company licensing and strategic acquisition initiatives with such licensees.

Mr. Van Arsdale has 28 years of experience serving as a CEO, business development and revenue generating professional, acquisitions integration specialist and intellectual property and technology transactions lawyer.

Mr. Van Arsdale received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California and his J.D. from the Santa Clara University School of Law.

Recent Articles by Cory Van Arsdale

Time to Get Back to Business

While some companies continue to wait and see, we saw a dramatic shift in late 2014. The most sophisticated companies on IP matters used the uncertainty to their advantage. They hypothesized the market couldn’t get much worse, and since they would eventually need to engage in licensing discussions, they used the negotiation leverage they had during a slow market to get the best deal. Similar to a “buyer’s market” in real estate, the IP market was (and continues to be for some) a licensee’s market as many companies sit back and wait to see how the uncertainty will shake out.