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Darius Gambino

is a partner with Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP. He has over 20 years of experience helping clients protect their intellectual property under the patent, trademark and copyright laws in the United States and abroad. Clients in industries ranging from technology and manufacturing to consumer goods and professional services rely on Darius to represent them in high stakes patent and trademark litigation. In addition to litigation, Darius also assists clients with managing global patent and trademark portfolios, while at the same time counseling on enforcement strategies. He also represents clients in connection with intellectual property licensing, trade secret and copyright disputes, and corporate diligence investigations.

Recent Articles by Darius Gambino

The View from the Court’s 2 Live Crew: Examining the Thomas/Alito Dissent in Google v. Oracle

Most commentators agree that Google v. Oracle is the most important copyright decision of the last 25 years (since Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music). But what if the Court got it wrong?  The Court has not always done well with issues of technology (the Sony v. Universal “Betamax” case being an exception), and the majority decision in Google v. Oracle appears to be more of the same. For many reasons, the powerful dissent from Justices Thomas and Alito may be the better opinion.