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Darrin Auito

is a Partner with Hubbs, Enatsky & Auito PLLC. He has a JD, MSE, and MBA, and counsels clients of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to emerging technology companies, on intellectual property matters. His practice is primarily focused on domestic and foreign patent prosecution, litigation, legal opinions, trademarks, branding, and counseling.

Recent Articles by Darrin Auito

Divided CAFC Finds Computer System Claims Patent Ineligible

Not surprisingly, the decision of the latest Federal Circuit case on software patent eligibility – Accenture Global Services, GMBH v. Guidewire Software, Inc. – could be predicted from the makeup of the CAFC panel. Judge Lourie, joined by Judge Reyna, issued the majority opinion that the system claims were invalid. The Court followed the analysis for determining patent eligibility from CLS Bank, 717 F.3d 1269 (Fed. Cir. 2013) and affirmed the district court’s finding that the system claims of U.S. Patent No. 7,013,284 (“the ‘284 patent”) were ineligible. Judge Rader predictably dissented from the majority and stated that he would hold the system claims to be patent-eligible subject matter. One takeaway from this decision is that the Court remains predictably divided. In this case, all three judges on the panel ruled in a way that was consistent with their ruling in CLS Bank, 717 F.3d 1269 (Fed. Cir. 2013).