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David Long

David is a registered patent attorney with over twenty years of experience dealing with complex patent issues in the telecom industry ranging from simple matters to bet-the-company litigation. He was a judicial law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and has substantial experience leading litigation in federal courts and in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (“PTO”). His experience includes balancing parallel proceedings in court and in the PTO to challenge or defend issued patents in high-tech arts. He counsels domestic and international clients on licensing patents, product redesigns, trade secrets and other high-tech legal issues in telecommunications, VoIP, electronic circuits, microchips and information technologies.

David is a thought leader in the patent community. He has been appointed leadership responsibilities in international and national professional intellectual property organizations. The media frequently seeks his views and he often is invited to speak on significant patent law developments. Congress and the White House have sought his views on patent policy issues. He is globally recognized as a thought leader on standard essential patents and he founded the Essential Patent Blog, which is followed by decision makers in industry, the judiciary and competition authorities throughout the world.

Before entering the legal profession, David earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering and has several years’ technical industry experience working in telecommunications, software/hardware design, control systems and rocket science.

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