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Dr. Hadar Mazor

is a patent attorney in Israel. Dr. Mazor has been involved in worldwide patent drafting and successfully prosecuted patents in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Israel and other countries, including strategic planning, drafting, prosecuting and maintaining portfolios of patents for significant Technology companies, start-ups, academic institutions and private clientele in various fields. Dr. Mazor is also experienced in patentability and due diligence assessments, infringement and freedom-to-operate opinions, oppositions and litigation support. Additionally, Hadar is experienced in Patent Term Extensions of patents in the field of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Recent Articles by Dr. Hadar Mazor

Can Blockchain Technology Solve Copyright Attribution Challenges of Digital Work?

Efforts are being invested in leveraging blockchain technology to resolve challenges associated with copyright attribution to provide acknowledgment of copyright of a digital work of art to its holder or author. Blockchain technology aims at utilizing decentralized, cryptographically secure database technology, to document the recordation, reproduction, distribution, and trade of digital works of art… Decentralized blockchain data storing technology relies on the trust of the group. As long as the group is strong and the blockchain is well distributed, the record is still valid, namely, one of the many strengths of blockchain’s data storing technology is that it is designed to survive, have longevity, and be a highly reliable source of record and dating intellectual property, thereby establishing that the digital creation was in one’s possession in a specific point in time, and as such, may provide non-repudiation longevity service.