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Eashan Gupta

is a junior at Basis Independent High School in San Jose, California. He is part of his school’s Mock Trial team as an attorney and a witness, where he was recognized by Santa Clara County for outstanding performance. Eashan was the news editor for his school newspaper. In his free time, Eashan competes in fencing tournaments around the country, along with being a fencing referee. During the summer of 2015, he worked as an intern at the Federal Bankruptcy Court in San Jose.

Recent Articles by Eashan Gupta

Why Libertarians Should Support a Strong Patent System

Libertarians believe in property rights and government protection of those rights as one of the few necessary requirements of government. Ownership of property and free markets leads to competitive production and trade of goods, which in turn leads to prosperity for all of society. Intellectual property is property like other forms of property, and so government must protect IP as it protects other forms of property because it too leads to competition and trade and prosperity. Libertarians should encourage a strong patent system and object to any “reforms” that limit intellectual property ownership or introduce more government regulation than is required.