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Elena Polosmak

is the founder and managing partner at Crane IP Law firm. She has a Master degree in the Intellectual Property and Finance. Elena has more than 11 years professional experience in the intellectual property protection in Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Recent Articles by Elena Polosmak

Who is the Boss: Legal protection of domain names in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian regulations, there may be several owners for one mark. But what if one of such owners decides to execute the exclusive right without the consent of the other owners? Eventually, disputes may arise, and Ukrainian courts happened to resolve one of such cases; AQUALIFT v. National Center for Medical Technologies LLC (NCMT) and NIC.UA.

The Battle for ‘ODESSA’: The Story of Trademark Registration in Ukraine

Kyiv, Odessa, Crimea, Novy Svet, Inkerman – not only these are the names of locations, but also the signs registered as trademarks for alcoholic beverages, and some cases, the companies themselves, in the Ukraine. The Odessa Sparkling Wine Company has been producing and selling ODESSA branded sparkling wine for more than 20 years now.  However, they have faced an unusual challenge when trying to register ODESSA trademark.