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Erich Spangenberg

Managing Director of Marathon Advisors

is the Managing Director of Marathon Advisors. Erich is the founder and former CEO of IP Navigation Group (IPNav). He is also the founder and former CEO of nXn Partners (predictive analytics). Mr. Spangenberg was previously a partner at the law firm, Jones Day, an investment banking executive at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, an executive at a telecommunications company, and a distressed asset manager.

Erich has received numerous industry and trade recognitions. In 2015 (and in previous years), Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine named Erich as #2 of the top 40 IP “market makers” whose “connections, decisions and actions drive the ever-expanding global IP marketplace.” In 2015 (and in previous years), Managing Intellectual Property listed Erich as one of “The 50 People Shaping the Future of IP.” He has received numerous other industry and trade recognitions.

Recent Articles by Erich Spangenberg

The Power of Blockchain and Divorce— How We Got to IPwe

With a high-level understanding of what blockchain is, you might ask “why is it important?” Blockchain has many implications, but it is going to change how we interact with each other and over time will make peer to peer interaction the norm… It occurred to me that blockchain could have a massively beneficial impact on the patent industry and patent asset class… Applying blockchain, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve patents, the industry and the asset class is our mission.

What is Michelle Lee Hiding?

Michelle Lee talks about transparency, but the PTO is hiding behind redacted pages and claims of privilege to deny a legitimate FOIA request from Kyle Bass. “I don’t want to be embarrassed” is not a grounds for privilege and improperly asserting privilege is not being transparent… On page 407 there’s an email to Michelle Lee with briefing materials for the BIO meeting that were prepared by BIO. Not only are the many pages of the BIO briefing materials themselves redacted, but in the email the list of what’s included is redacted. We don’t even know what’s missing. How can materials prepared by BIO and shared with Ms. Lee be privileged?

Have We Hit Bottom in the Patent Market?

The patent market had an amazing bull run from the late 1980’s through 2012. The peak was 2011 to 2012 when we saw a number of multi-billion dollar patent sales and patent-driven acquisitions. The patent market started slowing down substantially shortly thereafter. Many blame the America Invents Act (AIA), which introduced a variety of ways to inexpensively challenge the validity of patents in administrative proceedings at the patent office. All of a sudden the confidence that once a patent was issued it was valid was shaken. However, the AIA was only part of the problem.

Past Events with Erich Spangenberg

AI and IP – A Meeting of Minds

February 14, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST