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Eva Bishwal

is a Senior Associate in the litigation and enforcement team at Fidus Law Chambers. She is a graduate of the Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Her areas of practice include trademark litigation, anti-counterfeiting actions, domain disputes, copyright litigation, designs litigation and trade secrets litigation. She regularly appears before the Delhi High Court and Delhi district courts, and coordinates matters in several courts across the country.

Recent Articles by Eva Bishwal

Indian Vaccine Economics: IP Rights are Not the Real Villain in India’s COVID-19 Emergency

The horrific second wave of COVID-19 in India has compelled the government to introduce an expedited vaccination drive from May 1, 2021, where all citizens above the age of 18 (and not just priority groups) will be eligible to register. The program also came with the promise of an introduction to several new vaccines in the market. A majority of the states also decided to roll out the vaccine for free. Unfortunately, reports that stock had run out followed shortly in several states. States like Maharashtra and Delhi had to keep the drive on hold. Bengaluru also faced supply problems ahead of the drive. A popular proposition is that patent restrictions and exclusivity of “know-how” are a barrier to adequate production of vaccines.